Will it ever stop if we don’t make a stand, create a rave to change these everyday horrors? Open your hearts and assist now.


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To Live Love

I’m doing fine, so I like to give something back. I feel that we must stick together, because we are a global community. We should appreciate and value each other. We should think of those who are worse off than us, and not to forget them just because they live far away. We have to help, because we are responsible for our fellow human beings. Every day that passes 100s of migrants die at sea of which many are pregnant women and children.

The world is in turmoil. Worldwide more than 50 million people are on the run, in many countries violence, terror and hopelessness are a daily horror. The international community seems at a loss, solutions for the serious conflicts lie in the distant future, help comes too rare and completely inadequate to those in need. In the meantime, every day witnessed we the worst human rights abuses, and see more and more people in the greatest need and terrible misery. Much takes place in our immediate neighborhood such as now in the Mediterranean Sea. This suffering of our neighbors can be stopped! We no longer want to just watch! We need your help! The Migrants need you now!


In makeshift refugee accommodation such as tent camps, school buildings and bus stations, people who barely escaped death, have often lost their loved ones and their homes, their belongings, who are deeply traumatized by war, violence and mass raping’s need a hand, a sign that there are people out there willing to help, to give unconditional love to those in dire need. There is a lack there of all, food and health care is virtually non-existent and many only have a temporary roof over their heads. But in the region is approaching the winter with temperatures down to minus 30 degrees, it therefore needs urgent winterized accommodation for the refugees. The communities receiving the influx of migrants such as Lampedusa in Sicily, Italy are completely overwhelmed by he situation.


We, who have opted for love have chosen a responsible life with and for other people.
We have to learn, not to lie to ourselves by pursuing our own selfish goals and pretend as if they were the aims and wishes of our fellow human beings. We must strive for the truth and try to see things as they really are. And we must stand up to what we think is right. What could be more right then loving and saving those in need?
Our fundraisers are coming to an end, please do what is right and donate. Every single dollar will help and also please spread the word.
Bless you all

Mark Humphrey
Founder of Iura Humana

And we are trying to save lifes with a few thousand! Please continue to support us on Indiegogolife!!!


Two millionaire people traffickers have been heard mocking the migrant boat disasters that have resulted in thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean, it has been reported.

One of them, an Eritrean called Mered Medhanie, also known as The General, was heard laughing on a police wiretap about overloading migrant ships, a problem that causes them to capsize.

Medhanie, 34, who is based in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, is said to have boasted: ‘They say I put too many aboard, but they’re the ones who want to leave in a hurry.’

A second trafficker, Ermias Ghermay, who is thought to have made £72million with Medhanie from smuggling in the last two years, also showed callous disregard for the plight of his ‘customers’.

He was heard declaring last summer: ‘They organised another trip a few days ago. I don’t know what happened – they probably died.’

More than 1,700 have perished in the last week alone.

And we are trying to save lives with a few thousand!

So this is the plan?!?!?! How far removed from reality are politians??


As a blogger I must admit I am speechless unable to comment this.

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union nations approved plans Monday for a naval operation to go after the human trafficking networks that are sending thousands of migrants weekly across the Mediterranean toward Europe or to their deaths. NATO said it stood ready to help out if needed.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said she expects the operation to be fully launched next month after Britain, France, Italy and other nations pledge military equipment. More than 10,000 migrants have been picked up alive from Mediterranean waters in recent weeks as they attempted to enter Europe from Libya. The International Organization for Migration estimates that nearly 1,830 migrants have died on the sea route this year compared to 207 in the same period last year.

The first phase of the EU plan centers on intelligence gathering and surveillance of smuggling routes leading from Libya to southern Italy and Malta. After that, EU ships would start chasing and boarding the smugglers’ boats in a second phase. The 28-nation bloc is still seeking a U.N. resolution that would give them full legal protection as they destroy the smugglers’ boats in a third phase of the plan.

“The fundamental point is not so much the destruction of the vessels but it is the destruction of the business model of the traffickers,” said Mogherini. Given that the summer high season for trafficking is rapidly approaching, she said speed was of the essence.

“As summer comes, more people are traveling and I’d like to have the operation in place as soon as possible,” Mogherini said. Beyond saving the lives of desperate migrants, an effective operation against traffickers might also deal terrorism a blow, she said.

“If you look at business model of the traffickers and the flows of money involved in trafficking, it may be that that money is financing terrorist activities,” she said. Stressing the same point, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said “one of the problems is that there might be foreign fighters, there might be terrorists, also trying to hide, to blend in” on the smugglings vessels trying to cross over into Europe.

Despite the show of unity on the military action, the EU showed increasing divisions on the plan for mandatory quotas for member states to take in refugees, with Spain now joining France, Britain and Hungary speaking out against it.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said the proposed quota for Spain doesn’t take into account the nation’s sky-high jobless rate of 24 percent and its efforts to prevent illegal migration from African nations.

The quota plan from the EU’s executive Commission has faced an increasingly uphill battle since it was officially proposed last week. Police in the Sicilian port of Ragusa, meanwhile, arrested five Africans suspected of navigating a rubber life raft packed with migrants that was intercepted at sea last week.

The EU has been under increasing pressure to take action to clamp down on the trafficking networks that have allowed thousands to die in Mediterranean waters over the past few years. To support its naval operation, the EU is looking for U.N. backing to make the anti-smuggling effort as comprehensive as possible.

The operation becomes tricky as soon as the boarding and seizure of smuggled vessels in international waters comes into play. “If you are going to board vessels, you can do that now but you have to ask what flag the vessel has,” said Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders. “It cannot be done automatically.”

A U.N. resolution would likely become even more imperative if EU nations start destroying smuggling vessels, sometimes in Libyan territorial waters.